Beeline Britain

One of the Last Great British Adventures…….

Double sea kayak virgin

Launching at Plas Menai

I was excited as I drove from Cardiff to North Wales to meet up with the Beeline Britain guys for our second get-together. The momentum behind the challenge is growing on a daily basis. We use skype, email and lots of telephone calls to plan and communicate but the time we spend together is critical to our success. On Monday evening as Adam, Nick and I tucked into a tasty spaghetti bolognaise we discussed our plans for the two days.
For the sea kayaking legs of our journey we will be using two double sea kayaks so we had arranged to visit Plas Menai the National Watersports Centre to borrow two double kayaks for the day. The first task was to insert a temporary bulkhead into the kayak in order for Nick to be able to secure himself and get as much connectivity to the kayak as possible. I began to learn about the tasks that Nick is able to do for himself and those that he needs help with. For example the distances that he can walk on his stumps, how long it takesand his ability to lift and carry a double kayak. I was surprised and impressed.


Joining us was Pete Firth, one of the film crew for Beeline Britain, who bought tonnes of cameras and gadgetry to capture the action. With high tide at Menai Bridge due at 1400hrs the four of us set off towards the Britannia Bridge to do some training and capture some footage for our promotional video.
The boat felt incredibly long (22ft to be precise), but very stable on the water. Pete assured me that if we capsized he would be able to roll it and that all I needed to do was to tuck my head onto my spray-deck! I didn’t need to be concerned, the sun was shining, there was a light breeze and everyone was in great spirits. Not only was it my first time in a double sea kayak, the Menai Straits was a new piece of water for me and I enjoyed the views of Anglesey from sea level.
After getting off the water we were treated to a cream bun (thanks Adam, you’ve set the standard now) and I was on a high; the combination of getting outdoors, doing some physical exercise and spending time with some great people never fails to make me smile. Without a doubt, Beeline Britain is going to be exciting and challenging and it’s days like these that make me believe that we’re all committed to working hard to make it happen. It also helps when the sun shines!

Paddling towards Britannia Bridge


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