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New Years Update

A new year, new resolutions and new objective. Everyone on the team is acutely aware of how close the trip is and excitement is rising! Things have been progressing well over the last few months so we though it was time for an update.

After the last training weekend we had a much better idea of what the routine in the boat over a long trip would entail, so we have been working on our own personal training to make sure we are best prepared.Adam GC

Tori has managed to get out in the Cardiff area a number of times in her single kayak and Adam has been lucky enough to guide a group down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

DSC_0556Ian has been away hiking in Morocco and Nick has been recovering from a minor operation and adjusting to life as a dad after the arrival of his son Jonah! Nick and Leki also managed to get a bit of training in on boxing day by competing in the Stiperstones Dash, an annual run DSC_0576from the Stiperstones Pub in Shropshire, up to the Devils Chair and back down, a round trip of 4k. We had a sneaky head start and managed it in 1hour 30mins. Not bad for a double amputee and a woman who was 39 and a half weeks pregnant and gave birth 4 days later!!!

The major progress has come in the finance department. We have be trying to source funding to help plan and run the trip for a number of months and in the next week or so we should have some exciting news.


Adam has also been working behind the scene and has managed to secure us performance supplements from Mountain Fuel, so thank you to them for their great support.

We have a couple of training events planned for January and plans are being developed for a 24hr endurance paddle in the Lake District in February so watch this space!!!

Happy New Year to everyone. 2014 is going to be a memorable year.

Don’t forget you can donate on our Just-giving site at

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