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Beeline Everest Anniversary

Today is the seven year anniversary of Beeline Britain adventurer, Tori James’ summit of mount Everest.

Before taking on Beeline Britain, Tori James was part of the first all female team to race to the magnetic North Pole, cycled the length of New Zealand and summited Mount Everest. She’s certainly not afraid to face tough physical challenges and to break new ground to break records     ….which is why Beeline Britain is perfect for her.

On 24th May 2007 Tori became the first Welsh woman and youngest British woman to summit the world’s highest mountain. Within the next 4 weeks we hope she’ll be part of the first team to cover Land’s End to John O’Groats in a straight line.

Tori James - Summit Mount Everest

Reflecting on the Beeline Britain journey so far Tori highlighted the similarities of previous trips; of waiting on weather to take on the next leg, despite hours of training and 12 months of logistical planning the Beeline Team are at mercy of nature; just as in the Himalayas and the Arctic. Luckily the team banter is as good as on any adventure and the static days are packed with planning, press, recovery and kit checks.

She says she’s still finding it strange to be on an epic journey and not having to cope with temperatures below zero. “It’s strange to be in within range of mobile phone communications, and to be honest I don’t really like it.” Tori laughed. “Despite my love of getting far away from civilisation, it’s fabulous to do a British journey, to see so much of the UK and to pass through my home county of Pembrokeshire.”

Happy Everest Anniversary Tori!

Read more about Tori on and @torijtweets or you can buy her first book here



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