Beeline Britain

One of the Last Great British Adventures…….

The Work Experience of a Lifetime? Beeline Britain Crew.

The Beeline Britain Crew was created to offer people like me a unique and exciting work experience to potentially change my life forever.

Beeline Britain Crew meeting

Beeline Britain Crew meeting

The Crew programme is mixed development programme, covering professional work placement on the expedition, professional personal development and coaching. There are 5 university students from LJMU Outdoor Education and Journalism benefiting from the programme.

As a journalism student I’ve been making contacts in the world of media, experiencing PR and journalism deadlines and challenges in real life situations. The Crew Programme is developing my self-awareness and enhancing my skills so employers can look at me more favorably in the future.

All of us are learning from more experienced people and working in conjunction with them to boost our knowledge about how to achieve any target we need to; including mentoring from ITV & Fast Track, sports marketing. It is amazing to have the experience of being involved with a world record and to be able to have the opportunity to write press releases, speak directly to national media and manage the social media content.

Beeline Britain Crew handbook

Beeline Britain Crew handbook

Not being with the team at all times was a difficult and very new concept for me, having to work from afar but still achieve the goals at all levels was challenging and interesting. This has allowed me to develop my ability to work on my own, but in the service of others, to a completely new level.

Being an integral part of the team, but not always directly with the team, has developed my communication skills no end and consequently has allowed me to maximise the opportunities that Beeline Britain has created.


The Beeline Britain Crew programme has been created and managed by Richard Strudwick, a professional youth trainer, kindly funded by UnLtd, the largest social entrepreneurs support network in the world, and by LJMU Outdoor Education Department.

A world of opportunities should open up from the skills I have learnt and targets I have met

Amount raised so far

Amount raised so far

during this most wonderful expedition. For example; discovering more about myself and how I work best, creating clarity around my personal values, increasing my ability to understand other people and their working styles, learning to request, digest and develop from feedback and finally, developing an increased ability to empower other team members to excel.

On a professional level; raising money for BLESMA, creating and delivering innovative fundraising initiatives, generating media coverage for Beeline Britain and/or BLESMA, managing personal budgets for food and accommodation and using the power of Beeline Britain to encourage others to offer gifts in kind are just some of the targets I have been meeting during my time on this incredible journey.

Supporting the Beeline Britain team to make the first ever straight-line journey from Land’s End to JohnO’Groats is of course my main objective but through working tirelessly to ensure that the PR & media, fundraising and awareness raising objectives of Beeline Britain are delivered is undoubtedly ever present in my mind. I hope my dedication to this straight-line journey will allow me to be selected for future trips to do exactly the same job.

LJMU Student Crew, from top left- Connor Dunn, Richard Strudwick, Martyn Smith, Sophie Cameron-Mitchell, Thomas Lynch

LJMU Student Crew, from top left- Connor Dunn, Richard Strudwick, Martyn Smith, Sophie Cameron-Mitchell, Thomas Lynch

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