Beeline Britain

One of the Last Great British Adventures…….


The route is simple – Lands End to John O’Groats in a straight line!  You may be surprised where it goes…

Lands End – St David’s Head – Bardsey Island – Holyhead – Isle of Man – Burrow Head – Central Glasgow – Cairngorm Summit – Lossiemouth – Wick – John ‘O’ Groats.



Straight line       vs      Traditional Route

524 nm                        760 nm

603 miles                     874 miles

970 km                        1407 km

Speed and time                                      Hours

Kayak  301 nm @ 3kts                               100

Bike     522 km @ 15km/h                          34.8

Walk    25 km @ 2km/h                             12.5

Total hours                                                147.3

1 hr moving = 1 resting                              295

295hrs / 24 (number of days)                     12.5

+ 30% (weather / delays etc)                     16 days

Notwithstanding tides, wind and roads, it is entirely possible, and our aim, to stay within 15 km of track throughout.  Our final track is likely to be around 1100km

If you live on or near the route please come along and support us as we pass through. We will keep you informed on here and we will also be using GPS trackers so you can follow our every step.